Let Five+ Decades of Experience Represent You


With over 5+ decades of experience in all aspects of the real estate industry, I implement 5+ extra steps when BUYING a home for your extra protection.

Normal Process:

1) Hire a Realtor

2) Select a home

3) Make an offer

4) Subject removal

5) Legal transfer

6) Move in

My Process "Buying Edge 123"


1)As your Realtor, I have implemented 5+ extra steps to protect your investment

2)Select a home


3) Visual building envelope assessment  (Building Experience) FREE

4)Home is visually scanned for micro defects (Home Inspection Experience)FREE

5)Development potential  (Developer Experience) FREE

6) Tenant issues resolved (Licensed Property manager) FREE

7) Mortgage guidance (Mortgage brokerage experience)  FREE


After the report is discussed only then;

8) Offer is made

9)Subject removal

10) Legal transfer

11) Move in

The 5 extra steps could potentially save you  THOUSANDS of DOLLARS when  negotiating and years of BUYERS REMORSE.

Important: 3,4,5,6,7 does not take the place of the place of PROFESSIONAL DISCIPLINES and should be used as guidance only.

With decades of experience in the Industry, I have developed a unique methodology I use in the buying process.
A house is not only a contract but a jigsaw that has to be understood and assembled with skill. One wrong move could cost the buyer thousands of dollars and years of buyers remorse. 
In order to avoid regret, I go through in detail every step of the buying process. Nothing is left to chance.

Contact me for a free no obligation consultation. You will not regret it!


First $400K Home in Richmond Built By Hansa In 1988

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